IT Startup in Bolivia

We are an IT startup called AHORASOFT.COM. Our company is small. We have 6 programmers and accountants. We are IT consultants for decades now. We usually do Python programming. For each programmer, there is a WSL2 Linux instance for Linux development. Plus each user has Visual Studio and other heavy IDEs.

We used to use Multiseat with LINUX before. Then researching we found a solution for Windows XP and 7. I can’t recall the name of the program. Afterward, ASTER jumps out in the scenario. We are using ASTER for many years already. We have replaced computers with ASTER. We have discarded 10 CPUs and replaced them with a unique server. The maintenance became easier. And with proper hardware, ASTER gives a great performance. We use an AMD Ryzen9 CPU with 128GB RAM and 2 NVidia video cards with 4 heads each. The unclaimed PCs we sold to our customers. Some customers used them as POS terminals.

Moreover, we recommended ASTER to other companies. We have purchased a lot of licenses through their owners. They used ASTER for their sales managers, accountancy managers, and others. They usually sell the CPUs or send them to their branches as upgrades.

ASTER saved us a lot of money. I think we saved around $20K or more just in hardware. Thanks to the IBIK company for such a good product.

Prisca Poma

Educational Institution of Solidarity Action “San Patricio”

Educational Institution of Solidarity Action "San Patricio"Country: PeruRegion: La LibertadProvince: TrujilloDistrict: Florencia de MoraLevels: Initial - Primary - Secondary. Testimony:In search of new technologies that help us substantially improve the teaching of...

School in Nepal Saves up to 40% on Computer Purchases Using ASTER Software

In February 2023, a computer lab was established at Nazareth School in Nepal. 23 Windows workplaces were created on the basis of just 2 personal computers using a multiseat ASTER program from an IBIK Software company. "ASTER showed me more than I expected...

The Computer laboratory in Uganda

Uganda is a very beautiful country in the eastern part of equatorial Africa. Stunning national parks, lakes, volcanoes, waterfalls and the most diverse wildlife on the African continent! Many scientists believe that the birth of civilization took place here and the...
ASTER Software

Indian Schools are Saving up to 20% on Computer Purchases Using ASTER Software

Education system in India faces the problem of computing resources. While the cost of PCs has dropped over the past decade, they are not yet available in rural and low-income urban schools. 4 workplaces were created on a single computer using the multiseat software...

The ASTER software allowed a school in Nepal to save up to 60% on electricity costs and up to 65% on computer costs

Workplaces for a computer lab based on the ASTER program were set up at the Godavari 5 English Secondary School in Lalitpur, Nepal.

How to use regular TV as Smart TV

Currently, there are some types of devices (Dongles and TV Box) that allow the user to add Smart TV functionalities to a common television. But why not do it using your own PC?That's exactly what I discovered when I met ASTER!ASTER is just 1 program that promotes the...

Cost-Effective Virtualization

This is a review of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), NComputing, and ASTER. Massive transition using cloud services From all sides, people talk about the transition to cloud services like cloud computing and Virtual Desktops. Many believe that most problems can...
Belarus State University

University in Belarus

Hardware-Software Complexes (HSC) have been used for many year for several workplaces at individual faculties of the Belarusian State University for educational purpose. Currently, with the ASTER program running on Windows 7 Operating System, 19 computers with 4...

Factory Budget Saving

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership How to cut expenses in business? Every manufacturing organization is interested in reducing the cost of production. Factories need to make the production cost as small as possible to be competitive. There are many cost-cutting ideas for...

Using Windows Display Adapter for Wireless Terminal

I want to share my story with pleasure on how I organized a wireless computer for the education of my son just for $100! I believe many will be interested in this amazing experience. What is a good computer for a child? It should be a good computer for school and...