IT Startup in Bolivia

We are an IT startup called AHORASOFT.COM. Our company is small. We have 6 programmers and accountants. We are IT consultants for decades now. We usually do Python programming. For each programmer, there is a WSL2 Linux instance for Linux development. Plus each user has Visual Studio and other heavy IDEs.

We used to use Multiseat with LINUX before. Then researching we found a solution for Windows XP and 7. I can’t recall the name of the program. Afterward, ASTER jumps out in the scenario. We are using ASTER for many years already. We have replaced computers with ASTER. We have discarded 10 CPUs and replaced them with a unique server. The maintenance became easier. And with proper hardware, ASTER gives a great performance. We use an AMD Ryzen9 CPU with 128GB RAM and 2 NVidia video cards with 4 heads each. The unclaimed PCs we sold to our customers. Some customers used them as POS terminals.

Moreover, we recommended ASTER to other companies. We have purchased a lot of licenses through their owners. They used ASTER for their sales managers, accountancy managers, and others. They usually sell the CPUs or send them to their branches as upgrades.

ASTER saved us a lot of money. I think we saved around $20K or more just in hardware. Thanks to the IBIK company for such a good product.

Prisca Poma

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