Game Center in the Philippines

As the government’s restrictions and ordinances against Covid19 slowly fade here in the Philippines, businesses and opportunities are starting to bloom again. Small to medium-scale businesses are now allowed to operate. BPO and office-based jobs are now going onsite. Thanks are to God that we made it.

I still remember when the first news from China erupted, starting of the year 2020 I was forced to shut down my Computer shop due to Ncov’s hazard and sold all of my equipment, truly the pandemic affected me so badly until this very moment, but thanks to ASTER V7 that I was able to rebuild and bring my shop back to life.

It was April of this year when I luckily discover ASTER V7 by doing some research on how to set up a PC with multiple users, I aimed to save money for the computer shop that I was planning to remake. ASTER V7 did not fail me, it saved me from lack of capital to invest and it was truly a lifesaver for me. The software helps me with a lot of things not just in my computer shop but also for other people. I shared my PC with people who are aspiring to work on and work as lidar annotators.

Game Center in the Philippines

In my shop, I came up with 9 units of rentable workplaces, this consists of 3 PCs only, but all are 3 in 1 setup on the ASTER configuration settings. This maximizes the sales, Instead of earning 10Php per hour on a single unit, now I can reach 30Php per hour because of the powerful software that is multiplying PC to multiple users. Imagine in my single 3 in 1 setup, I only need to buy 1 motherboard, 1 CPU and even if it’s not recommended yes I am only Using 1 GPU on my i3 9100F unit, since this is pure CPU, I am drawing all the graphics from the GPU simultaneously on three workplaces. The screen flickers on all displays when 1 workplace opens a game that suddenly turns black in a split second, but IBIK support is always there for my ease, they never missed to solve every single issue that I encounter while running the software.

There was also an issue on Valorant game before, it was 2 in 1 setup, when I run the game on the 1st workplace the mouse and keyboard on the other workplace won’t work, I have raised this to IBIK support and after a couple or few updates of software – the mouse and keyboard issue is gone, I was convinced that this software has very active developers that work on every client’s concern.

These are few examples of remarkable advantages of using ASTER V7 on our system, not to mention the big savings on our electrical bills and lower maintenance cost of our equipment. I’m thankful for this software and inspired to do more work and expand soon, I can’t wait for the face to face classes to resume so that I could try setting up another ASTER V7 system that is intended only for students to do their typing jobs, research and printing needs, surely that is more affordable than a gaming setup because I won’t think about higher-profile GPU’s for the build anymore.

I am determined to continue and do more experiments with setting up more workplaces on a single PC and collaborate with ASTER support to help on the development of this software, I wish more power to the people of and the developers of ASTER V7. May you continue to provide great products and support to the people, Love from the Philipines.

Rohan Cafe
Freelance Lidar annotator
Michael Robert Librando

I authorize the posting of this feedback article on website for any purposes.

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