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Hardware-Software Complexes (HSC) have been usd for many year for several workplaces at individual faculties of the Belarusion State University for educational purpose. Currently, with the ASTER program running on Windows 7 Operating System, 19 computers with 4 workplaces each and 10 computers (HSC) with 2 workplaces each are in use.

The System Administrator (SA) of the Faculty of History notes the following benefits of using a PC with ASTER program:

Installation and the configuration of the Operating System and application software take less time since several workplaces are created from same PC. Antivirus scanning, deleting of unnecessary data and information and other preventive work also take less time.

Often in ASTER software, the option “Allow the launch of several workstations on one video card” is disabled. Then you need to turn off ASTER and restart the PC, then turn on ASTER and restart.

Administrators of other faculties also point out that despite the obvious advantages of using the ASTER program, there are problems. For example, failure in the operation of the input/output devices are noted (particularly monitors are not detected or they are connected in the wrong order, or spontaneous movement of the mouse cursor or keystrokes on the keyboard). Administrators managing these classes have noted that ASTER program is advisable to use in an environments that doesn’t require large computing power of computers.

For four years hardware-software complexes with the ASTER program were used during the admissions board. The time for preparing computers is reduced, and the space savings are obvious.

Thanks to IBIK company!

Belarus State University

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