How to use regular TV as Smart TV

Currently, there are some types of devices (Dongles and TV Box) that allow the user to add Smart TV functionalities to a common television.

But why not do it using your own PC?
That’s exactly what I discovered when I met ASTER!
ASTER is just 1 program that promotes the best multi-purpose workstation experience for work, entertainment, and education; all this using just 1 PC.

Why turn your regular television into a Smart TV?
With this change, it becomes possible to watch movies, series, videos, and programs using popular applications like Netflix, YouTube or Amazon on your television.
You can also turn your ordinary TV into a powerful gaming station in high definition, as if it were a next-generation console.

Come with me and I’ll tell you how I’ve been using Aster in the home application with my family.

During office hours, I use the PC for work in one room of the house, while my son is in the living room in his school activities by videoconferencing on a TV.
After an exhausting day at work, I sit down in front of the TV to relax a little, playing one of my favorite games while someone in the family uses the computer.
The interesting thing about using a TV is because of the size and also the image quality. But that’s not all, I also enjoy listening to background music while I’m playing. I just have to play my favorite music list on the TV itself.
That’s right, using ASTER, I turned my regular TV into a mega multimedia entertainment station or simply a Smart TV!
Besides playing games, I can browse the Internet, perform various tasks and even access many more applications than just those placed by the manufacturer on a conventional Smart TV.
It is with this aim in mind that I have been exploring some ‌applications of the ASTER program, not to mention the costs, of course!
Another thing that caught my attention is that I can make my TV even more modern. I can have over one workstation or entertainment station, all at a much lower cost than the conventional ways offered on the market.
ASTER is much cheaper than buying another computer or a regular TV, whether new or used.

I’m thrilled and satisfied to use ASTER, so I’m going to show you now how inexpensive it was to assemble my system using this wonderful program!

The configuration:

  • My own Windows PC or notebook with at least one additional video output.
  • A wireless mini keyboard with touchpad or common Mouse / Keyboard kit.
  • And only 1 program: ASTER!

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