Ecologic IT Infrastructure

Why is it important to protect the environment?

The main goal of different states is high economic growth. Economic growth requires more mining and making more environmental damages. Humanity can destroy itself by losing control over harming the environment. A careful attitude to nature is very important for humanity to be sustainable.

CO2 increase and global warming

In recent years, the concentration of CO2 has been breaking records. As a result of the increase in the concentration of CO2, the air temperature increases. The average temperature has increased by 2.3 degrees since 1900. And in some locations on Earth, the temperature has increased by 20 degrees! We obtain global warming. The temperature continues to increase. Thanks to the environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who is just 18 years old, the issue of the importance of combating global warming has risen to the level of governments of different countries. She thinks that everyone can contribute to the fight against global warming by changing their habits of consumption of services and goods. Smart consumption, she says, can reduce the carbon footprint. For example, she and her parents completely refused to fly by plane.

Transition to less e-waste recycling company

Humanity pollutes the air, soil, and water with poisonous substances. Cars emit toxic gases. Factories produce a lot of dangerous emissions. Every company has a hardware replacement plan. The IT hardware lifecycle is small. Therefore, many electronic products are recycled every year and replaced by new ones. There is CTO Certified which
shows that IT products have an environmentally and socially responsible life cycle.

Transition to green energy company

Humanity is beginning to rebuild towards sustainable transport – electric vehicles. The mining industry works in such a way that natural resources are quickly depleted. We are seeing how the energy sector is being transformed towards green energy, which uses renewable energy sources – solar panels, wind turbines. Thus, humanity needs mining less non-renewable natural resources.

It is very important to accelerate the restructuring of our entire society towards sustainability in all spheres of human activity. The preservation of the viability of humanity is the choice of every person. Usage of the ASTER program will help you make your contribution!
How to implement the transition of your organization to green energy?
First of all, you need to think:

  • how to reduce the electricity usage of the whole company?
  • how to minimize electricity consumption by IT infrastructure?
  • how to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings?

There is an Energy Star certification, which allows marking energy-efficient electronics. Energy Star computers consume less electrical power than ordinary computers

Electric Meter dials

ASTER provides you with ways to reduce electricity consumption

ASTER allows you to reduce the number of computers by virtualizing desktops with zero clients. Your organization can reduce the power consumption of the IT infrastructure by reducing the number of computers used. And also, reduce the heat generated by computers. And this, in turn, will lead to a reduction in the power consumption of air conditioning systems. Popular desktop virtualization services of cloud companies also lead to the economical use of resources. The zero clients for the provision of the service can be organized using the ASTER program. The zero clients are more secure and consume less power than thin clients. A striking example of the use of the program is the example of the African school. Thanks to the program, the school was able to power an entire computer classroom from a single solar panel. And German Green party members have calculated that the mass usage of the program would allow earlier than the plan to close nuclear power plants in Germany!

ASTER allows you to elongate the average computer lifecycle

ASTER allows you to reduce the amount of IT infrastructure used in your organization. And, as a result, it leads to a reduction in the volume of desktops recycling and as a result environmental pollution. An average hardware replacement cycle will become longer. Because there will be more electronics with a longer hardware lifecycle like monitors and keyboards according to the hardware lifecycle standards. Moreover, your organization will reduce the purchase of new desktops and conditioners. And, as a result, it will reduce the consumption of depleted natural resources and CO2 emissions.

ASTER reduces mining and computer recycling

Integration of ASTER in companies would reduce the demand for computers. It would cause a reduction in computer supply. As a result mining and production will be reduced, which is healthy for the environment. Moreover, it reduces the number of computers used and recycled.

Make your company greener with ASTER!

Are you interested in using ASTER for making your organization eco-friendly?

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