Production Applications

Budget Saving on Factories

Factory owners want to reduce their products’ costs. They are always looking for ways to reduce expenses and to reduce the total cost of ownership. The more a factory applies different cost optimization technologies the better the competitiveness of the factory. The highest priority for factories is keeping security during any change. It is also important for factories to become eco-friendly.

The ASTER program:

  • allows reducing the factory budget on making new computer workplaces by reducing the number of desktops
  • allows creating several workplaces based on 1 PC. This reduces expenses on purchasing desktops, SW licenses, maintenance, amortization, and electrical power consumption
  • has several levels of security. Firstly, it doesn’t use the Internet. Secondly, the authentication process could be done by a USB key. Thirdly, ASTER allows using secure features of Windows accounts
  • makes factories eco-friendly by reducing the number of PCs used and recycled, as well as reducing electrical power consumption

R&D and Test Room Workplaces

In factories, there are routine tasks that the factory workers need to do using computers. For example, there are visual control tasks. The PC needs just to display some images or movies which has a low CPU load. Therefore, it is possible to share the computational power of 1 PC between several factory workers using the ASTER program!

Energy Effective

Factories are permanently looking for energy-effective solutions and ways to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Factory managers want to organize new or temporary workplaces fast and within a reasonable budget. They also want to reduce TCO. In general, businesses want to save electricity, time, and money on purchasing computers. All the above issues could be resolved by the ASTER program.


Security managers are looking for solutions to improve the security of their organizations. There are several aspects of how ASTER could improve security. ASTER maintains the privacy and security of your workplaces using separate windows user accounts. In some factories, there is no Internet to avoid security information leakage and hacker’s threats. ASTER works without Internet and local network. ASTER reduces the number of computers. Therefore, fewer resources are necessary to defend computers from malware, upgrade, update and support. Also, it is possible to create workplaces so that users could use only one program for a particular use case for better security. In this case, users will not be able to access PC/Network data and USB ports.

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