Organizing Remote Work Using ASTER Workplaces

ASTER GUI is on the laptop in the center. ASTER creates 2 additional workplaces on the left and on the right.

Hello everyone!

We have recently used ASTER in our office. Aster is the ideal answer for our office’s coders’ passion. To handle the entire office, we just need one server PC. For this covid-19 scenario, ASTER is the ideal option. Whereas all of the maintenance is difficult since PC components are scarce. We only need a few things to keep the system running. It is not necessary to have a separate computer or laptop for each individual user. Our employees are also happy to work in this calm environment as there is no noise; the office is also free from huge cables. ASTER really saved our costs and helped us to continue our office work at very high productivity. The updates are pretty much regular to maintain the software. That is also increasing our timeless working hassle. We can say it is the perfect solution for our office. Keep up the good work, ASTER. Best wishes to you!

Name: Drubo Ahmed
Position: CEO & Founder at Coders Passion
Blog Post:

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