Teacher, accountant, secretary Workplace

ASTER allows you to create several workplaces for working with MS Office, internet surfing, email, accounting, etc. It is necessary to only setup up hardware and workplaces, and then install internet browsers. Isolating disks and USB driver between the users can be attained using built-in Windows tools, and ASTER.

Training Classes

ASTER is very effective in classrooms, you can create up to 12 workplaces from a single PC. It is important that ASTER is compatible with Classroom Management Programs, like iTalc. ​
​For connecting monitors to the system its possible to use standard video cards with 3-4 outputs, and USB Display cards or wireless connection over Ethernet/​WiFi. For long distance ​ use different extenders.

Important: Workstations should be pre-tested before hand, ​using 30 Days trial. You should also read the recommended hardware selection for large number of workplaces.

Mobile devices

With ASTER, mobile devices like tablets, smartphones can be used as terminal devices. To do this, you need to install an application like Splashtop or Spacedesk. or you can also use standard remote access programs – once connected, you will be able to use Windows programs on mobile devices and will always be connected to host computer, even while on the road or far away from the main office.

Additional workplaces

ASTER allows organizing a room of many workplaces using just a few PCs.

Real user experience:

ASTER in Nepal

In Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal, at Pragya Higher Secondary School, a computer lab has been outfitted with multi-seat computers powered by ASTER 4 computers in 1 solution. The school has 4 systems supporting 16 users at the same time. The school previously had 10 Pentium class computers which as of now is replaced by the multi-seat solution using the ASTER program from IBIK.RU.

With this solution, the school has saved two third of the money on hardware cost as well as will be saving plenty more in electricity bills. With this solution, any institution that is looking to deploy computers in various fields will be able to deploy two to four times as many computers for the same cost.

ASTER creates multiple windows desktop environments and allocates the connected peripherals to each monitor, to allow multiple users to log on to independent workspaces using their regular windows/domain user names and passwords. The four systems deployed using the ASTER program are powered by an AMD processor on MSI motherboard with one AMD 5450 Graphics Card each. Windows 10 Operating System coupled with ASTER 4 computers in 1 solution has set up 16 workplaces total.

While the power consumption has been reduced from previous 1200 watts for 10 standalone PCs to little over 500 watts, performance is better than previous standalone systems. ASTER program works with ANY HARDWARE. Multiple workstations, each consisting of monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected to a standard PC can create multiple independent workplaces quickly.

ASTER supports many ways to create additional workplaces. Firstly, the monitors are connected via video cards, while keyboards and mice are connected through USB hubs. Secondly, Workplaces can be created using Wireless Monitors (Intel WiDi), USB monitor and USB docking station (like Plugable docking stations) instead of standard video cards. ASTER makes full use of each device connected to the system, enabling the workstation to support features, e.g. – A supported video card installed on a ASTER host PC will enable the workplaces to utilize all supported features of that card (DirectX, OpenGL) providing the best possible graphic performance.

Message from the principal, Satya Narayan Manandhar, “We are glad to have received the licenses to power our four systems to make 16 workplaces. Our students are excited to use new systems and will be more productive. We hope to deploy more such systems in coming months. Thank you, IBIK”

ASTER in Belarus State University

Hardware and software systems for several work places have been used for many years in some faculties of the Belarusian State University in the educational process.

Currently, with the Aster program on Windows 7, 19 PCs for 4 workplaces and 10 PCs for 2 workplaces are used.

The system administrator of the Faculty of History notes the following features of using a PC with the installed program:

Installation, configuration of the operating system and application software is significantly reduced in time, since it prepares several workplaces simultaneously.

Anti-virus scanning, removal of unnecessary information, and other preventive work is reduced in time.

Administrators advise to use the Aster software in an environment that does not require large computing power of computers.

For four years, a PC with the Aster program was used during the admission campaign. The preparation of computers is reduced, the space savings are obvious.