Cost-effective virtualization: review of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), NComputing and ASTER.

From all sides, people talk about the transition to cloud services like cloud computing and Virtual Desktops. Many believe that most problems can be solved simply by migrating to the cloud. At the same time, the technical part, as a rule, does not cause any questions. The main doubts are centered around the cost of the solution. Financiers are interested in cash flows and the timing of the return on investment. However, it is important to choose the right cloud model and at the same time optimize the use of existing IT infrastructure.

Organizing Remote Work Using ASTER Workplaces

Sandip Maniya,
VVD Diamond.
COVID-19 pandemic is fierce in India and the number of infected people has reached millions. I pray for everyone in the world to get through the pandemic safely! The Indian government has taken some measures in order to reduce the number of newly infected people, which has forced people to either leave their work to stay at home or continue their work from home.

Factory Budget Saving. How to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership?


Every manufacturing organization is interested in reducing the cost of production. It is vital for factories to make the production cost as small as possible in order to be competitive. There are many cost cutting ideas for large companies with factories and R&D office buildings:

  • ways to reduce IT costs in manufacturing facilities and in R&D offices
  • ways to reduce energy consumption
  • ways to reduce IT administration expenses

How to Organize Wireless Workplace?

Windows display adapter

I share how I successfully organized a wireless computer workplace for my son. I believe many will be interested in this amazing experience.

Remote Work and Studying from Home

This is my laptop and my son’s workplace

Because of COVID-19 my wife and I work remotely. My children also study remotely. How to work from home with kids so that they don’t interrupt our work? I remember that I wondered when is it time to buy a new computer? It looks like now is the right moment to buy it. But since remote work is a temporary phenomenon caused by the pandemic, I wanted to find a temporary solution to this problem within a small budget.

5 Secrets of Self-Organization During Remote Work at Home

The world is under self-isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article we present the most useful tips from psychologists and coaches. The tips will help both employees and managers to improve the effectiveness of teamwork from home.

Remote workers organize their work at home. They select professional collective communication platforms (such as Zoom, Teams, Webex), organize work environments, develop plans and schedules. Then they face usual domestic matters.