How to Organize a Wireless Workplace Using Windows Wireless Display Adapter and a Laptop?

I share how I successfully organized a wireless computer workplace for my son. I believe many will be interested in this amazing experience.

Windows Display Adapter!

My ACER NITRO 5 laptop

I obtained that my ACER NITRO 5 laptop supports connecting to a wireless display. And I thought why don’t I try to organize an absolutely wireless workplace for my elder boy.

I was looking for a way to transfer a video signal from my laptop to my son’s monitor remotely. I found a Microsoft display adapter! And I bought it. I thought that even if I fail, I would use the adapter to connect my laptop to our TV set and watch some movies from the Internet through my laptop.

Windows display adapter

Connecting the adapter to display is via HDMI cable. The adapter gets power through USB cable. Therefore, we needed a display with an HDMI port and a USB port. Our TV set had both HDMI and USB sockets. I found a YouTube video on how to connect PC to TV set wirelessly in Windows OS. Soon my son would have a wireless workplace! Wow! I only doubted that all wireless technologies would work well in my son’s workplace in the adjacent room.

Workplace for my son

We organized a fast test of the ASTER program and wireless transmission of video. I installed another ASTER trial on my laptop. We used our set of wireless mouse and keyboard for the test.

This is my laptop and my son’s workplace
This is my laptop and my son’s workplace

These are my son’s workplace without a PC and my laptop which I could move to my cabinet! Microsoft Adapter works well as a zero client. The video was transmitted from my laptop to the monitor with the adapter surprisingly well, even through a wall! The Bluetooth mouse and keyboard worked normally over the wall. But there were problems with my Bluetooth earphones. The sound transmission was bad for both the microphone and the earphones. I was walking around with my laptop in order to understand the best location of the Bluetooth transmitter. I found out where the signal transmitter should be located for the perfect sound quality. Then I bought a USB extension cable in order to put the transmitter into the location which we found for the transmitter of the Bluetooth signal. Finally, we fixed the issue with sound. My test was successful! As I saved money on buying a new desktop I decided to buy a monitor for my son. The monitor would not have a USB port. I decided to use our smartphone charger with a USB port to charge the adapter.

This is the workplace for my son.
This is the workplace for my son

Expenses for my son’s workplace were:

  • 26 USD: second-hand monitor
  • 18 USD: Bluetooth kit mouse + keyboard
  • 16 USD: Bluetooth headset with microphone
  • 57 USD: Windows display adapter
  • 4 USD: USB extension cable
  • 12 USD: ASTER Home license

Total: 133 USD


As a result, my expenses for creating my son’s workplaces was just $133! Amazing! Savings on the purchase of a cheap desktop PC were around $500! The solution was implemented within a week. My son is happy. He studies, does homework, plays games, watches movies, chats with his friends and does not interfere with us. If it happens that the remote work and study is over, then all the equipment that we purchased we could use for additional training and entertainment. If we decide to buy a computer for him, then we just would need to buy a desktop. And even in this case, the ASTER license we could use to create a learning and playing computer environment for our youngest son!

Thanks to the ASTER program and Microsoft technologies!


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