HealthCare Applications

Workplaces for Doctors and Nurses

ASTER allows the creation of 2 workplaces based on 1 PC for a doctor and a nurse in one cabinet. In this case, it is convenient that both could access the same data on the PC without a network. It also reduces the expenses of the clinic on desktops and electricity.

Workplaces for Information Desks, Receptions, etc.

In hospitals there are receptions. Usually, there are 2 or more receptionists. The receptionist’s tasks are simply to access patient data and update them. This has a low CPU load on their computers. Therefore, ASTER could be used for organizing 2-4 workplaces for receptionists using just 1 PC. The clinic saves money on purchasing computers as well as electrical power consumption.

Saving Space in Ambulance Cars

There is a small space inside ambulance cars. At the same time, there are several computers, monitors, human condition control devices, and other smart medical equipment. The issue of getting free space is acute. ASTER allows reducing the number of PCs in ambulance cars and, as a result, saves space.

Reducing Spread of COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses want to reduce the probability of infection of their employees by clients. It is important to separate managers and clients. One more issue to be resolved is low service quality because of masks. It is difficult to understand the speech of a person with a mask.

ASTER allows creating an additional workplace with an interactive display for clients based on a PC of a manager. The manager in this case could communicate with the clients through a video conference call.

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