Training Center Computer Classroom

ASTER is very effective in creating computers for a classroom. It is possible to create up to 12 classroom PCs from a single desktop with ASTER installed. You can optimize current classrooms by reducing the number of desktops used. The free desktops you can use to organize new classrooms. Integration of ASTER in your organization would allow you to save much money on purchasing computers. The budget you saved could be spent on the new equipment in the classroom. You just need to buy more classroom displays, keyboards, and mice. The ASTER program is compatible with Classroom Management Programs (like Veyon) and with Video Conference Programs (like Zoom). It is possible to use the VNC application to share the teacher’s screen with all the students. Computers in the classroom will be cheaper to deploy.

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University, College Computer Classroom

We have smart classroom ideas for colleges and universities as well. A PC classroom for 12 students could be created with just one desktop, 12 monitors, and smart class equipment. Computer educators could implement their virtual classroom ideas through ASTER virtual desktops and remote access to them. The ASTER program could become a key digital tool for the classroom as it follows a strong trend of virtualization. ASTER allows saving your budget on computers. The saved money can be spent on special technology equipment for the classroom.

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Middle and High School Computer Classroom

Computer education in schools is very important. Computers in the schools, as well as smart classroom equipment, become old very fast. At the same time, life is changing very fast. Nowadays digital classrooms are a must in any school. From our point of view, the best computer for school is a computer with ASTER installed. On the basis of one computer, it is possible to create several workplaces for school children. It would reduce the budget spent on IT infrastructure and reduce electrical power consumption. We recommend that ASTER becomes one of the IT tools used in classroom teaching as an example of the virtualization trend.

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Kindergarten and Elementary School Computer Classroom

Early computer education has become a norm in many countries. Еducation and computers have become more closely related because of digitalization. Digital content is gradually replacing other content. Kids prefer to see videos and listen to audio instead of reading. They like studying while playing games on the computer. For that, we have kindergarten classroom ideas. Usually, kindergartens don’t have much budget for computers in the classroom. ASTER allows reducing expenses on computers to just one  desktop. It is enough for organizing 12 PCs. ASTER workplaces can be used to play games as well as for interactive classroom activities. As a result, the saved money could be  spent on other classroom equipment, classroom resources, and tools.

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A computer with ASTER allows creating several best cheap computers for educational purposes. We recommend testing a 30-day trial of ASTER before purchasing our licenses in order to become familiar with it and reduce compatibility risks.

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