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Reducing Spread of COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses want to keep their employees at their homes. In this case, it is possible to organize a Remote Service Desk for clients. The Remote Service Desk is a set of computers for clients in the office. Clients can get service from employees through video conference calls. ASTER allows organizing the Remote Service Desk using just 1 PC and several displays for the clients.

Remote Access to PC

When you access your computer in the office remotely, Windows blocks the desktop during remote sessions. You can solve the remote access issue by using ASTER. You can access the second ASTER workplace by a remote session. It allows a user in the first workplace to continue working. Both outputs of the video card should be connected to the monitor inputs (you can switch between them via the monitor controls — “video source” option).

Effective Usage of IT Infrastructure

ASTER allows you to reduce the number of PCs in your IT Infrastructure. As a result, it allows reducing the TCO of your organization. If there are spare PCs, you can use them for making data backups or use them for your temporary projects.

Workplace for Office Employee, Accountant, Secretary

ASTER allows you to create several workplaces for working with MS Office, internet surfing, email, accounting, etc. It is necessary to plug in the hardware and set up workplaces, and then install internet browsers. You can even isolate USB disks and USB ports between the users using built-in Windows tools.

Information Systems, Registers, Cash Departments, and Banks

ASTER is very effective when you need multiple workplaces for similar jobs like workplaces for information desks, call centers, cash registers, etc. In this case, it is possible to create and effectively use up to 12 workplaces based on one PC. Workplaces can be organized using USB and video cables, or wirelessly over Wi-Fi/Miracast. For long distances, you can ​use extenders for the cables.

Outstaffing, Internship

Sometimes corporations need fast temporary workplaces for outstaffers, interns, or newcomers. Corporations need some time to purchase and to prepare workplaces. ASTER fixes this issue by organizing temporary workplaces using the already available PCs of other corporation employees. This approach maintains security and saves much time for all. New workers can immediately start working. employees. This approach keeps security and saves much time for all. New workers can immediately start working.

Mobile Devices

With ASTER, mobile devices like tablets, smartphones can be used as terminal devices. To do this, you need to install an application like Splashtop or Spacedesk. Or you can also use standard remote access programs — once connected, you will be able to use Windows programs on mobile devices and will always be connected to the host computer, even while on the road or far away from the main office.

Workplaces for PC-Room, Internet-Cafe and Game Club

Internet Cafes and Game centers managers want to have more Windows workplaces for their clients. It is economically effective to use ASTER for rooms with many work or game seats. It is possible to save money by using 1 PC for organizing several game places. Even complex online games work well in ASTER workplaces.

Workplaces for accounts departments

Account managers can create several workplaces based on 1 PC for working with MS Office, internet surfing, email, accounting programs, etc. using the ASTER program.

Do you want to organize a big number of workplaces?  Read about recommended hardware specs.

Important: To reduce compatibility risks, organize and test your ASTER workplaces before purchasing our licenses. We recommend downloading ASTER and using the trial period.

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