4 Terminals using Aster Multiseat Software at Home

Four Birds One Stone

Nowadays, the demand for PC parts has been the highest of all time, and that happened for many reasons. One of them is because the cryptocurrency business is booming, so miners are emptying their pockets on buying graphics cards along with other PC parts. Another reason is that Schools and Universities moved to online teaching for the first time. And in this rough time, me being a gamer I need a PC because I want to play games, my brother being a student he needs a PC so he can attend his classes, my other brother being a programmer he needs a PC to be able to do his work. So, what can we do now?

Well, an idea came to my mind. I said since it is possible to connect multiple monitors to a single PC, there must be a way to assign a separate mouse and keyboard to each monitor. I kept searching day and night trying to find a solution. I finally found some methods, but they were all very unprofessional. One of the methods that I found required a separate graphics card for each monitor. Another method had a very bad side which is that if you used a separate mouse and keyboard for each monitor, you will be stuck like this forever, you cannot unsplit it unless you format the whole PC and lose all your data. I became a bit frustrated until I found ASTER.

ASTER had every feature that I ever dreamed of. It simply allows you to split your PC into multiple workplaces, each one acting as if it is a separate computer. You can connect how many monitors you would like to use, varying from two to twelve, and assign a separate mouse and keyboard to each one of them, and the best part is that you can split your PC into multiple workplaces and unsplit it with only one click.

This is what I was looking for.

In short, ASTER from IBIK saved me and my brothers from the trouble of buying three PCs. It allowed us to buy a single PC and use it like if we had three PCs.

Now, I can finally play games on my 144Hz monitor that is assigned with my gaming mouse, keyboard, gamepad, and headset. My brother can attend his classes using his own 1080p monitor with an individual mouse, keyboard, and microphone. My other brother can program using his monitor that is assigned to his Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. And we even brought our 50inch 4K so when our friends come over we can play split-screen games or watch movies, with the best experience ever.

If it were not for ASTER, running four workplaces simultaneously from a single PC was not going to be possible. Thank you IBIK for coming with this wonderful program!

Omar Abdullah from Saudi Arabia

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