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ASTER is a multiseat software for Windows

ASTER allows creating up to 12 independent Windows workplaces on the base of a single PC

Ideal solution for cost-effective computerization in homes, schools, companies, factories, and government organizations

ASTER is a multiseat software for Windows 7/8/10/11 and Windows Server 2016/2019/2022.

Our software allows several users to work on the same PC, thus significantly reducing hardware and power costs.

Users can organize several workspaces by connecting several monitors, keyboards, and mice to one PC.

ASTER is a zero-client software. It allows creating zero clients — virtual desktop clients without thin client hardware.



With our software you can save money on additional computers


Multiseat systems reduce noise levels by eliminating additional system units


You can create an additional workplace even in a small room


ASTER can be started or unloaded at any time as a usual program


Using ASTER you can reduce your electricity bill up to 4 times


Data exchange between workplaces does not increase network traffic


We will help you save nature


Installing ASTER does not require formatting the disk or reinstalling the Windows

Aster quick start
ASTER is a multiseat software for Windows

ASTER v.2.52 is Released

  • added support for Windows 11 build 22635;

  • added option to allow only users with administrator rights to configure ASTER;

  • fixed activation bug, including trial period;

  • updated installer localization;

  • fixed detected bugs;

ASTER ver. 2.52 does not work with Windows 7. In this case, download version 2.31



Every participant, who send a link to their video, will get an annual Aster Home license. The best works shall be granted with lifetime license.



Read Quick Start Guide

Connect an additional display and peripheral devices

Download and install ASTER software. Activate the free trial

Create and test the additional workplaces

If testing ASTER during the trial period was successful –



ASTER supports any video cards, monitors, speakers, microphones, webcams, tablets, card readers, and many other devices

Also supports BLUETOOTH, WIFI and MIRACAST wireless devices


  • ASTER operates well with video and 3D graphics applications unlike virtual machines and thin-clients

  • ASTER operates without an Internet connection and without a monthly fee, unlike cloud-client solutions

  • ASTER supports Windows 10/11 unlike other zero clients

  • ASTER has low requirements for computer resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) unlike thin clients and terminals

  • ASTER is compatible with the most modern peripherals (USB and wireless video/audio adapters, webcams, tablets, card readers, etc.)


Aster quick start



ASTER V7 a great ally for education at the San Antonio de Padua School in Tambobamba, Apurimac, Peru

Overall: Our students and teachers at the San Antonio de Padua School are happy and very grateful for ASTER V7 because it has allowed us to overcome the economic gap and access to the Internet to improve the education and progress in our town. Advantages: The San...

Educational Institution of Solidarity Action “San Patricio”

Educational Institution of Solidarity Action "San Patricio"Country: PeruRegion: La LibertadProvince: TrujilloDistrict: Florencia de MoraLevels: Initial - Primary - Secondary. Testimony:In search of new technologies that help us substantially improve the teaching of...

School in Nepal Saves up to 40% on Computer Purchases Using ASTER Software

In February 2023, a computer lab was established at Nazareth School in Nepal. 23 Windows workplaces were created on the basis of just 2 personal computers using a multiseat ASTER program from an IBIK Software company. "ASTER showed me more than I expected...

The Computer laboratory in Uganda

Uganda is a very beautiful country in the eastern part of equatorial Africa. Stunning national parks, lakes, volcanoes, waterfalls and the most diverse wildlife on the African continent! Many scientists believe that the birth of civilization took place here and the...

Indian Schools are Saving up to 20% on Computer Purchases Using ASTER Software

Education system in India faces the problem of computing resources. While the cost of PCs has dropped over the past decade, they are not yet available in rural and low-income urban schools. 4 workplaces were created on a single computer using the multiseat software...

The ASTER software allowed a school in Nepal to save up to 60% on electricity costs and up to 65% on computer costs

Workplaces for a computer lab based on the ASTER program were set up at the Godavari 5 English Secondary School in Lalitpur, Nepal.

How to use regular TV as Smart TV

Currently, there are some types of devices (Dongles and TV Box) that allow the user to add Smart TV functionalities to a common television. But why not do it using your own PC?That's exactly what I discovered when I met ASTER!ASTER is just 1 program that promotes the...

Cost-Effective Virtualization

This is a review of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), NComputing, and ASTER. Massive transition using cloud services From all sides, people talk about the transition to cloud services like cloud computing and Virtual Desktops. Many believe that most problems can...

University in Belarus

Hardware-Software Complexes (HSC) have been used for many year for several workplaces at individual faculties of the Belarusian State University for educational purpose. Currently, with the ASTER program running on Windows 7 Operating System, 19 computers with 4...

Factory Budget Saving

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership How to cut expenses in business? Every manufacturing organization is interested in reducing the cost of production. Factories need to make the production cost as small as possible to be competitive. There are many cost-cutting ideas for...

Thousand thanks for developing software of this type that goes against the interest of the market in selling you more equipment instead of taking advantage of the real potential of the products that one acquires.

Joaquín Franco

"The big advantage of using software ASTER's assurance is that there is no longer any need for families to buy another expensive computer or wait in line to work remotely. You just need to connect a second monitor or TV to a free video card output, also connect an additional keyboard and mouse, and you will get a second standalone working place with minimal cost. I am grateful to the IBIK company for the fact that they promptly provided us with such an opportunity."

Alfredo Pudano
Piria University, Calabria, Italy
Belarus State University

"For four years hardware-software complexes with the ASTER program were used during the admissions board. The time for preparing computers is reduced, and the space savings are obvious. Thanks to IBIK company!"

Belarus State University
Satya Narayan Manandhar

“We are glad to have received the licenses to power our four systems to make 16 workplaces. Our students are excited to use new systems and will be more productive. We hope to deploy more of such systems in the coming months. Thank you, IBIK”

Satya Narayan Manandhar
Pragya Higher Secondary School. Kathmandu. Nepal
Kisakye Stephen

"I started up an Internet café last year in Mubende, my home district in Uganda. I was embarrassed by desktop computers in the first case, but after studying electrical and hardware bills for a given time, I found out that they were not Guinean franc compared to my monthly earnings. I started looking for a way to improve and upgrade to a cheaper, better, fewer maintenance expenses, simpler technology that can suit my situation. I downloaded a trial version of ASTER and then installed it on my HCL duo core. This has greatly simplified my system, in that everyone who comes to my Internet cafe is amazed by its technology and even some can't imagine how Simple it is! ASTER Software technology has greatly inspired even my customers on how I made it and many are consulting me on how it works.
Wow!!! Wow!!!.Wow!!! Thank you!"

Kisakye Stephen
Internet Cafe. Uganda
Sandip Maniya

"Ever since I became aware of ASTER, I have used it at home as well to share our home PC with other members. ASTER has helped us at both our office and at home! We have saved money on purchasing new computers at home and at the office. ASTER is a great tool to save money, space and power consumption of the computers in offices as well as at home! We are so glad that we were able to organize remote work for our employees, which has empowered them to continue working even through the pandemic. This has been the biggest positive we have experienced this year. IBIK has helped us drive through the pandemic. Thanks to the great product ASTER from IBIK and their amazing support!"

Sandip Maniya
VVD Diamond. India
Anssumane Silla

"Good morning, pleased to have given me the opportunity to send information about myself and my company, I actually used your app for some time, that is, the free versions, I realized that it was the best economical solution for an educational institution and department, and it can work much better here in my country, where the cost of electricity is very high.
I am a director of a school and computer science, of Guinea Bissau nationality.
Thank you, a hug."

Anssumane Silla
Director of High School. Guinea Bissau